Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan supreme security council discusses situation in financial, banking system

President Nicolae Timofti today chaired the first meeting of the Supreme Security Council (CSS) in 2016.  

The participants in the event assessed a report on the Council’s work in 2015, unveiled by CSS secretary, presidential adviser Alexei Barbaneagra and approved the agenda for the first quarter of this year.

Thus, the Council’s activity on the next period includes measures to consolidate the situation in the financial and banking system, assessing new tendencies of the international and regional security climate, considering a draft of a new National Security Strategy, as well as possibilities to create an integrated crisis management system in Moldova.   

Another subject of the today‘s meeting, proposed by Prime Minister Pavel Filip and coordinated with President Timofti, was focused on the situation in the Moldovan financial and banking system.  

Data presented by Governor of the National Bank of Moldova (BNM) Dorin Dragutanu shows that the situation in the system is presently stable, with a balance on the foreign exchange market and a tendency of decrease in the inflation rate.   

President Nicolae Timofti stressed the need to work out a viable mechanism for monitoring the situation in the financial and banking system. “Strengthening the banking system and recovering the embezzled funds will be a positive signal both for the citizens and the principal development partners of Moldova,” the head of state added.