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Moldovan president conveys congratulatory message on 25th anniversary since Soviets troops withdrew from Afghanistan

President Nicolae Timofti conveyed a congratulatory message on the occasion of the 25th anniversary since the Soviet troops drew back from Afghanistan today.

The message reads:

„Dear veterans,

Twenty-five years ago, on 15 February 1989, the troops of the Soviet Army drew back from Afghanistan.

The USSR military intervention in this country from Central Asia, firmly condemned by international community, had disastrous consequences: a country in ruins, over one million victims among civilians and thousands of refugees.

The Soviet Union’s expansionist politics forced thousands of young people, enrolled in the army, to fight in a foreign country, far away from their homes, for a false cause. Over 13,000 of them died on the battle field. Among them also were 300 of our countrymen.

Mothers of thousands of young Moldovans, enrolled in the Soviet Army, prayed to God for that their sons come back home alive and healthy. Back those times, there was no other biggest tragedy in Moldova’s villages, but the news of new coffins, where dead bodies of our boys where laid.

Today, we commemorate the victims of that useless and wrongful war.

We also express respect towards the courageous actions of those 10,000 young Moldovans who, following their made oaths, fought in Afghanistan.

The main lesson of the Afghanistan war is than no ideology can be imposed to a nation by the force of weapons.

An attempt to also impose us foreign values was undertaken in 1992. Back than many of you, veterans of the Afghanistan war, fought for Moldova’s integrity.

Each nation is the builder of its own destiny and each state has the sovereign right to choose its future.

We are a peaceful nation. We have not made wars to invade territories and did not wish harm to anyone. The status of neutral state, stipulated in the Constitution, represents a proof in this respect.

Dear veterans,.

Many of you laid the basis for the creation of armed forces and national security structures. Your experience is necessary at present to educate the young generation. We must educate patriotism, devotement, courage and manhood to young people.

Thank you once again for the qualities you have proven and wish you health, prosperity and nice achievements for Moldova’s sake”.