President Nicolae Timofti signs decrees appointing 11 judges

President Nicolae Timofti signed decrees on the appointment of 11 judges, at a proposal by the Superior Council of Magistracy.

Eight of the judges were appointed for the first time and will serve for a five-year mandate:

Vladislav Holban – judge at the Botanica Court, Chisinau city; Olga Cernei – judge at the Buiucani Court, Chisinau city; Victoria Hadirca – judge at the Buiucani Court, Chisinau city; Gheorghe Stratulat – judge at the Central Court, Chisinau city; Natalia Sandu – judge at the Centru Court, Chisinau city; Alina Tihonschi – judge at the Glodeni Court; Svetlana Ghercavii – judge at the Balti Court; Elena Lupan – judge at the Calarasi Court;.

Three magistrates were appointed till reaching the age threshold:

Boris Talpa – judge at the Dubasari Court; Diana Cristian – judge at the Nisporeni Court; Viorelia Varanita – judge at the Orhei Court.

Today, beforehand, Timofti met the above-mentioned magistrates and asked them to contribute to restore people’s trust into the justice act, through their work from now on. The president reminded them the importance to observe the Deontological Code of a Judge and, first of all, in relation with the sides in a trial.

At the same time, Timofti assured that he trusted the new generation of judges.

Most judges, appointed by the head of state today, are about 30 years old and four of them are younger.