Moldovan head of state meets former Polish, Serbian, Albanian presidents

President Nicolae Timofti met former presidents of Poland, Serbia and Albania, Alexander Kwasniewski, Boris Tadic and Rexhep Meidani, respectively, today.

Timofti welcomed the three officials’ visit to Chisinau and highlighted that the example of these three eastern states, which chose a future in the European Union, served as model to be followed by Moldova. Timofti said that, despite de complicated situation in the region, the Moldovan authorities had political will to sign the Association Agreement with EU.

The sides addressed issues included on Moldova’s European agenda, as well as the unstable situation in the region, due to evolutions in Ukraine.

Alexander Kwasniewski stressed the progress recorded by the Moldovan government in terms of reforms and emphasised that Moldova must speed up the European integration process, in order to avoid regional provocations.

„Your country is on the right path. The signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union will produce changes for the better in all sectors, as it happened in Poland. Since Poland has joined EU, the gross domestic product increased exponentially,” Kwasniewski said.

Boris Tadic encouraged the Moldovan authorities to firmly follow the integration path into the European Union. „Do not repeat Serbia’s mistakes, which in the 90’ of the past century chose the isolation against EU. This was a wrong decision, which did not provide solutions to the country’s development. Moldova has now the greatest chances of European integration and the Chisinau authorities must take advantage of the emerged situation,” Tadic said.

Rexhep Meidani also referred to the role of the Moldovan authorities, in order to convince citizens about the advantages to join EU. „The benefits are obvious. The example of countries which made this choice proved that the living standards of people increased significantly,” Meidani said.

The three officials came to Chisinau within the Inspired Integrated Support Programme for Inclusive Reforms and Democratic Dialogue, implemented by East European Foundation, along with its partners European Partnership for Democracy from Belgium and Club de Madrid from Spain.