Begins reception of residents of cities and villages from both banks of the river Nistru

On the initiative of the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, public reception rooms will be opened for direct dialogue with residents of cities and villages from both banks of the Dniester.

Thus, starting with monday, November 27, the reception centers for citizens will work in Rezina, Coshnitsa and Varnitsa. Reception of citizens will be held regularly.

Such an initiative is being implemented for the first time in the history of Moldova's independence in connection with numerous appeals from citizens residing in the region. For all these appeals, decisions of the authorities can be obtained.

The President noted once again that the possibility of opening such reception centers in most areas of the Republic of Moldova is being considered. The activities of public reception offices are designed to remove bureaucratic barriers and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the presidential administration in providing the necessary assistance to residents from both banks of the Dniester.