Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

President Igor Dodon met with Russian Ambassador to Moldova Farit Muhametshin today

The sides discussed, during the meeting, the yesterday incident in bilateral relations between Moldova and Russia.

Igor Dodon said that "as President of the Republic of Moldova, he condemns the statements and actions of Moldova’s Parliament and Government leadership, calling them unacceptable, groundless and provocative. Such actions have no precedent in the history of relations between Moldova and the Russian Federation, and are not applied in diplomatic practice and the international one".

The parts also outlined some positive dynamics registered in relations between Moldova and the Russian Federation within the recent two months.

"In recent weeks, after visiting Rospotrebnadzor specialists, more strategic wineries in our country returned on the Russian market. For the following weeks, it is planned and hopefully that will remain in force, the visit of specialists from Rospotrebnadzor and Rosselkhoznadzor to examine the issue of returning to the Russian market of our horticultural products, canning goods, etc. Similarly, according to daily information, thousands of our citizens are legalized in Russia. A positive dynamic has been recorded in settlement of the Transnistrian problem in the interests of people on both sides of the Dniester," said the President.

President does not exclude that "yesterday demarche is useful for someone in the political leadership of the Republic of Moldova and specific circles or people in the West and the East, including Russia."

"One can say with certainty: someone is very annoyed by positive dynamics and progress that we attest in relations between Russia and Moldova. We reconfirm the oriented strategic partnership and friendly relations with the Russian Federation and we do hope that that unjustified and unpleasant incident will not influence their further development", pointed out Igor Dodon.

It is worth mentioning, that next week the president will pay a visit to Moscow with a delegation of the Republic of Moldova, where are included the President's advisers, Members of Parliament and representatives of business community of Moldova.