Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Igor Dodon held a constituent meeting of the Council of the Civil Society, established under the President of the Republic of Moldova

The head of state welcomed the participants of the meeting. The Council included well-known representatives of various fields of activity. I thanked them for agreeing to participate in this advisory body, which is designed to ensure effective interaction between civil society and the president of the country, to create a platform for discussions, criticism, and proposals in various fields that cause an increased public interest.

The President of the country urged the members of the Council to be active, to put forward ideas for the development of the represented sector, noting that it would be open to any discussions and any criticism.

"I informed that the draft of laws presented to the president for promulgation will be passed to the relevant commissions for preliminary approval. I undertake to fully support the proposals and initiatives put forward, "the head of state said.

At the same time, Igor Dodon stressed that he was categorically against turning this platform into a formal unit.

"I support the effective and constructive work of the Council aimed to improve the state of affairs in the country," the President emphasized.

During the meeting, members decided to meet once every two weeks with the participation of chairmen of the profile commissions to discuss the situation in the relevant areas, as well as the initiatives presented.