Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

President, Igor Dodon, has met today the EU states ambassadors accredited in Moldova

During the dialogue, the sides made an extensive exchange of views on the recent developments and activities in the political, economic and social fields, President also stating upon the activities planned in the nearest future for the presidency.

Igor Dodon presented in detail his position related to several topical issues, such as cancellation of "Law of billion", amend the Constitution to increase the President’s prerogatives to dissolve Parliament, appoint ambassadors, relations with the European Union and the Russian Federation, the issue of the Transnistrian conflict settlement.

The head of state repeatedly exposed to initiate a trilateral dialogue between Moldova, European Union, Russian Federation, especially on the trade component. In this regard, Igor Dodon proposed a mechanism, which he considers to be advantageous to all sides that would protect the local producer, help unlock the total exports to the Russian Federation, open up real opportunities for an increased investments flow into the national economy. "This topical subject I will treat during my visit to Moscow this week and I am ready to discuss and go whenever it is necessary to Brussels to convince policy makers in EU in this sense. This is in our interest, the Republic of Moldova, and will endeavour to succeed," said Dodon.

In other words, the president re-launched the invitation addressed to the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, to undertake an official visit to Chisinau.

Referring to the proposed changes to the electoral system and, in particular, the uninominal voting system, Igor Dodon explained all reticence regarding those amendments, noting that the proposals would categorically affect the party system in Moldova, which is inadmissible, in his view. Also, the President exposed where and how it is necessary to intervene, particularly in terms of participation in the elections of Diaspora, but also the inhabitants of Transnistria.

It is the third meeting of this kind, which according to the President, will be held on a regular basis.