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Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president conveys congratulatory message on Easter holidays

President Nicolae Timofti today conveyed a congratulatory message on the occasion of Easter holiday.

The message reads:

“Dear compatriots,.

In these moments of intense spiritual experience, when the Orthodox-Christians honor the Feast of the Resurrection, I want to share with you

Great Joy.

The miracle of the feast comes from giving glory to Christ, who has sacrificed himself for eternal salvation of mankind.

Today, when existent routine, vicissitudes of time and material concerns dominate the minds, we need faith, hope and forgiveness.

It is our duty to accumulate energy needed to overcome the dilemmas of period we go through in order to be consistent in the intention of having a prosperous society, to care for those who need our support and love.

In this moment, I congratulate you and wish peace, reconciliation with oneself and with others. May the light of resurrection guide us in the good stuff and beautiful intentions!

Christ is Risen!”.