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Republic of Moldova

Moldovan leadership convenes in meeting on regional situation

President Nicolae Timofti, Parliament Speaker Igor Corman and Prime Minister Iurie Leanca today met with representatives of law-enforcement bodies to discuss the situation in Moldova in the context of recent developments in the region.

The top officials gave instructions to the responsible institutions to monitor the situation at the state border with the utmost care and continue to take all necessary actions to ensure public order in Moldova.

Nicolae Timofti, Igor Corman and Iurie Leanca expressed concern about the worsening security situation in the region as a result of escalating violence in Ukraine.

The Moldovan leadership expresses the most sincere condolences to the entire Ukrainian people, families and relatives of the victims of the tragic events resulting in dozens of deaths in the cities of Odessa, Slovyansk and other places in Ukraine.

Moldova reaffirms its strong support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and expresses confidence that the efforts of the Ukrainian authorities and international actors would lead to ease tensions and establish constitutional order, peace and security in the neighbouring country.

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